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An article by Gaspard Bucher

parse zazen (textile for zena) and display content

parse zazen (textile for zena) and display content

  • publish Set whether to auto-publish node after save.
  • attr attribute to display
  • limit number of paragraphs to display
  • edit [true] display link for ajax edit
  • code (ruby,xml,...) code language
  • filter (html,css) remove html/css
  • notextile (true) allow raw html
see publish

Display an attribute and parse it with zazen first:

<r:zazen attr='text' live='true'/>

live=’true’ means that the content is updated during popup window edition. Requires that the page loads zena.js and prototype.js.

“Popup editable” data can can be made available with the ”++” tab
(customizable by creating a Template for the “+edit” mode) in the popup.

Display TextDocument code (chooses code lang from content-type):

<r:zazen attr='text' code='#{content_lang}'/>

Display an attribute that you know is C++:

<r:zazen attr='function' code='cpp'/>

next version of Zazen parser

By default, zazen rendering will forbid javascript, css, external links and external images. All of these can be enabled back through the ‘allow’ option.

<r:zazen attr='text' allow='links,images,css,javascript'/>

Do not allow ‘javascript’ unless you really have to and you know the content is safe or you will expose your site (and users) to XSS attacks.

Until the allow whitelisting is enabled, you can use filter to remove ‘html’ and or ‘css’:

<r:zazen attr='text' filter='html,css'/>