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sites running zena

An article by Gaspard Bucher

List of known sites running zena. If you would like to be added to this list, please send a link to the website with a short summary (in textile) to the mailing list. If you start the email subject with “[site]”, this will help us spot your email.

If you like to learn by studying real world examples, you can have a look at’s skin or download the themes from some of the sites below.

Website on an open source signal processing tool using Lua for scripting. This is a really cool project and the author is a great guy with big glasses… Since he is so cool, you can download the templates for the site here.

This site uses javascript and Ajax to offer a rich user experience without limiting the ability of the site owners to edit the content.

The company’s blog. A really cool bunch of guys. You can study their template here but you cannot reuse the any of the assets.

Website for the swiss company duvoisin-groux SA working in the field of electrical installations. This website is used both as a powerful intranet and an extranet.

A cycling blog around the world. The template for this blog will be released when zena moves to 1.0. Some nice functionality is the google maps integration made with gps located images. This template © Gaspard Bucher can be freely used except for the images download.

Website in french based on the berry red joomla! template. The site was created to promote training for network electricians.

This is the website of the swiss artist gaspard buma whose work si often related to new technologies (AI, electronics, etc). This website is the second one running zena after

Website from the swiss percussionist Thierry Debons.