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Library of Zafu Template Parts

The usefullness and popularity of a software a tool greatly depends its “stdlib” that serves to provide at least basic example solutions to common problems.

Examples would be blogs, news, comments, sitemaps, user registration, email contact form, forum discussions, openstreetmaps, ...

Ship this lib with zena, presenting it in its default site that should also contain the documentation, zafu reference, and the tutorials, to show how to use zena and easily include template parts from the library into your own site content.

There are many zafu examples spread around in tutorials, blog articles or the zafu reference. They should all be linked and documented from here.

How to Use Template Parts …

... in zazen (from within your articles)

... in zafu (from within your templates)

Available Template Parts …

... that work with just the default classes

blog/news posts???

Pagination of posts and archives

RSS feed


Including .html documents

Uploaded html files will become “TextDocument” nodes.

If you are sure you want to serve all html TextDocuments directly, without any further zafu rendering, you may create the following “TextDocument” template:


	<r:include template='Node'/>

	<r:if test='ext == "html"'>
		<r:show attr='text' h='false'/>
			<r:include template='Node'/>

... that work with additional virtual classes