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  1. 1.2.4 Release

    This is a bugfix release with some incremental improvements of the framework.


    • Added class filtering to Acl in ‘create’ action.
    • Uploading html files does not transform them into zafu (use .zafu ext for this)
    • Added file upload support from zena remote API.
    • Added ‘content_type’ regexp to force virtual class on Document creation.
    • Extended “create group” in vclass to be “allow group” (edit).
    • Added support for [versions_list] to display list of versions and status.


    • Support for raw html in zazen with or <html> tag. Must be allowed with notextile=’true’ on [zazen] tag.
    • Fixed preview of content with ACL (considering the POST on /zafu preview as a ‘read’).
    • Added support for “class not like Image” or “class <> Image” to sqliss.
    • Added url to clear cache with /sites/clear_cache (admin only).
    • encode_params now supports arrays.
    • Added ‘id’ to date input.
    • Fixed 404 error (would return some strange xml).
    • Toggle takes dynamic parameters for “js” and “arity”.
    • Fixed multiple toggles side-by-side.
    • Fixed nested blocks and class scoping.
    • Added support for “onUpdate” in [input] with date type.
    • Hash ‘keys’ returns sorted elements in zafu.
    • Improved computation of width and height in [img] when using ‘forced’ iformat.
    • Image width and height properties auto-fix themselves (need to read file on each display if not fixed).
    • Added support for ‘mode’ in encode_params.
    • Fixed [link_name]_status, _comment and other relation proxy methods.

    Gaspard Bucher


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