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Zena, a Ruby on Rails  CMS

Zena has been designed from the ground up to SCALE to huge amounts of data and provide all the tools to handle this growth.

You can watch the videos to get a first idea.

Follow us on twitter: @zena_

With zena you can create a website and easily update it’s content without taking the phone to reach your webmaster. Users can edit the content right on the website, without any need to learn a separate admin interface (see features). You add, remove and update the content where you and your users see it: on the page.

To have a better view on zena, you can read the full list of features or dive directly into the documentation. If you just want to follow the development of zena, you can read the blog.

Want to try ?

Install the gem:

# sudo gem install zena
# zena new myapp
# cd myapp && zena init

Sources are on github.

Twitter, mailing list, etc

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